Freedom Basics Group – Tod

Freedom Active Group – Tod

5WTW Group – TOD

Friday Social | Open Access – Tod

Social gathering to chat and relax with like-minded people.

Here and Now – Tod

In the groups, we are asked to identify our feelings and to share with our peers what is going on with us today. We relate our similar experiences and feelings to each other and thus realise that we are not alone and need not be ashamed.

Together, we then help each other plan how to deal with our issues. Groups are facilitated by a Recovery Coach and/or people in long-term recovery.

Community Meeting – Tod

NOTE: The community meeting alternates each week with the Concerned Others Group.  Please check with the office on which week this falls.

Concerned Others Group – Tod

For friends and family of those affected by drink or drug abuse.

NOTE: This group alternates each week with the Community Meeting.  Please check with the office on which week this falls.

Motivation to Change – Tod

Breakfast Club – Tod

The Basement provides weekly drop-ins for food to those who are socially excluded or homeless. Many are single, without dependent children, so they come bottom of the housing list. With low confidence and self-esteem, low skills, lack of employment, dependent on drugs and alcohol, poor mental and physical health and insufficient access to appropriate housing, they find it almost impossible to move on with their life.

ART Group – Tod