Positive Outcomes – BH

Choices Group – BH

Motivation to Change – BH

Motivation to Change

This group is not about a particular substance. It is more about addictive thinking and behaviours that are attributed to addiction and looking at how the client, through the help of the group, can learn techniques and coping strategies that will help them to address key issues that they feel are stopping them from achieving their goals.

Clients must be attending doctors or key working sessions and show some willingness towards change. Clients can be at the beginning of their treatment journey or have been in service a long time and struggle to find the motivation to move forward. The group is set over a 6 week period and lasts for 2 hours per session with a break in between. There is an expectation that clients will complete weekly journals, three-way working between the client, recovery navigator and group facilitator when setting up recovery plans and where needed, attending milestone reviews. This group is also a good way of introducing clients to group work if they have never done groups.

Alternative Therapy* – BH

*by appointment only

Here and Now – BH

Freedom Active Group – BH

Part of the Basement Recovery Freedom Programme

Here and Now – BH

Saturday Social – BH

A social gathering with like-minded people.  See Facebook groups for more social activities and how to get involved with the community.

Process Group – BH

Friday Social – BH

Social gathering to chat and relax over lunch.