Welcome to the Recovery College Autumn Programme

“Recovery colleges are part of a national development which aims to enhance people’s strengths and abilities in managing their own wellbeing.
This is our first programme of courses. It has been developed in collaboration with a range of organisations providing recovery focussed services, and with people who have lived experience of mental health.

Our aim is to continually develop the range of courses on offer, in readiness for our January programme and onward.
Please get involved there are a number of different ways – from offering your skills and experience to develop courses, or simply by telling us what you’d like to see in our next programme.”

Libby Smith – Service Manager, Recovery Services

We hope this programme will give you more of the information and guidance to help you make decisions about enrolling on any courses.
The courses currently run across three course sections:

  • Work Skills
  • Health and Well-being
  • Getting Involved

We are offering a range of recovery-focussed courses designed to contribute to well-being and recovery; supporting people to recognise their own resources and talents to assist in becoming an expert in keeping well, making informed and positive choices and self-care and management.

This programme includes the courses / activities available within Calderdale, run by partners including Hope Street Vocational Team, The Basement Recovery Project, Healthy Minds, Public Health Education Team amongst others. Each of which is identified in the individual section and will clearly outline details / how to apply etc.

Many of the courses will incorporate the shift in emphasis from therapeutic to education; from an approach which emphasises the problems and deficits, to an approach which highlights strengths, talents and resources. We recognise that people can learn to find solutions to difficulties and problems when looking at what strengths and skills they have. This process is further enhanced when done in a supportive environment, where everyone is equal, where learning is enhanced by the sharing of both professional and lived experience of mental health.

We aim to provide you with the opportunity to begin to explore new routes for learning, to enhance choices and opportunities available to you and to learn in a supportive, equal environment.

This is our first programme, and we want to develop the courses available in the future both in what is available and for whom. There will be other courses available in addition to those identified here, the details of which will be made available as and when.

You should find the answers to any questions you have within this programme, but if you do need any more information, please contact us – Contact details can be found on the ‘How To Enrol’ page.