A new name for Calderdale Services

On 2nd February 2015 DISC won the contract to provide adult drug and alcohol treatment services across Calderdale, in association with Calderdale Council and in partnership with The Basement Recovery Project and St Martin’s.

The overall aim of this service will be recovery, harm reduction and user involvement. We will do this by delivering:

  • A recovery orientated, life changing drug and alcohol treatment system, bespoke to the needs of individuals
  • A single recovery focused assessment process, individual recovery planning and support with regular reviews
  • A programme that contributes towards the development of a system which will offer individuals and families a choice of seamless, accessible and relevant services which will enable them to work towards recovery

Our commitment to you:

  • Every service user’s voice is heard
  • Every service user will be supported in achieving their recovery goals
  • Calderdale Recovery Steps genuinely values diversity and will endeavour to meet individual needs
  • We recognise that families have a vital part to play in an individual’s recovery journey and will aim to support them in the process
  • We will endeavour to show discretion around appointments and locations to meet your needs
  • There is no cost involved in using the Calderdale Recovery Steps service