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Detox and Rehab – What’s the difference?

A detox is the initial, and sometimes very tough, stage of rehabilitation when you go through the process of removing the poisonous drugs out of your system.

In fact, detox is just the first step of the long process of physical and psychological rehabilitation. During rehab you will need to look honestly at your drug / alcohol use and understand the seriousness of your condition. Every alcoholic or addict is, to some degree, in denial. In many cases the root causes of addiction, such as trauma, must be addressed if there is to be any chance of recovery.  This is why we have a number of key services in Calderdale to help with this.  Detox or rehab is not a solution on its own.  You must engage with a recovery programme too.

If there is a requirement for a supervised detox you will firstly be assessed to see if this can be done at home.  If you do not have the support of friends and family and your condition is not too complex you may be treated within Calderdale. However, for complex, medically assisted detoxification you may be referred to a service outside of the Borough.

The Basement Recovery Project

Basement House
10 Carlton Street

 01422 383063

The Basement Recovery Project Community Detox Centre is a safe, secure practical and supported residential accommodation for people who have been assessed to be low risk and who wish to participate in a physical withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.

All of our staff members are specifically trained for their work in the detoxification centre. The centre has 24/7 support staff and a detox manager as well as a team of volunteers, all of whom, are in recovery from addiction and at some point in their lives have been through a detoxification themselves.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. We can’t do that for you but we can help you with every step from there.

Oasis Recovery

21 Bolling Road

 0800 011 2705

Oasis Bradford is a 17 bed, purpose built detox unit offering a safe, professional detox from alcohol and/or drugs. Our main priority is to safely administer and support clients through a medically prescribed detoxification programme.

Our clinic is staffed 24/7 by qualified nurses as well as support workers and recovery coaches. We offer a holistic non-denominational therapeutic programme with specific attention placed on working with existing support networks and agencies to help prepare an aftercare package appropriate to the individual client.

Alongside the clinical detox, we will provide holistic information, advice, support and guidance. Our aim is for our groups to be safe, instructional and inspirational and we will reinforce our client’s courage through an eclectic approach to treatment providing them with guidance, hope, a safe space and strong links with other agencies within the co-ordinated care pathway.

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